Liz McCombs Art

Liz works from her Colorado Springs studio. She creates artwork for galleries, art fairs, and retail shops all over the country.


The sculpture process begins by creating individual elements from a variety of materials; glazing, painting, antiquing, metal work, and faux finishing techniques are then utilized for the finishing process.

Many sculptures incorporate found objects and recycled elements. In her work, Liz uses her mixed media experience to create new things and recycle old. She sculpts pieces with elements of history, nostalgia, and humor.


Beginning Summer of 2023, Liz is happy to offer Equine Sculpture Classes in partnership with Ursula Beck of the Taos Art School and her Mammoth Donkey, Milagro.

Registration is now open for an immersive, weeklong sculpture class with Liz the week of JUNE 26-30, 2023, at the beautiful Taos Art School, with lodging at an additional rate in partnership with the Sagebrush Inn & Suites (see below).

Contact Ursula Beck at (575) 758 0350 to learn more!


Art is always a compromise between reality and imagination. A struggle to find balance. An idea set to motion and in a state of constant movement until it rests in the hands of another.

Use the right and left arrows to view a selection of Liz’s wild and whimsical work.

Upcoming Classes & Gallery Shows

Mammoth Donkey Sculpture Intensive with Taos Art School

  • June 26-30, 2023
  • Daily hands-on instruction from Liz
  • Milagro the magical mammoth donkey serves as full-time model for the class!
  • Lodging is in partnership with the Sagebrush Inn & Suites. We encourage students to stay at the Sagebrush Inn & Suites, and we will be hosting after-class get togethers at the Sagebrush. Contact the Inn directly at (575) 758 2254 or and be sure to mention the Taos Art School.
  • Contact Ursula Beck at (575) 758 0350 to learn more

Bridge Gallery Show

  • October, 2023
  • Enjoy a wide array of Liz’s fantastical creatures and multi-media sculptures at the Bridge Gallery this fall!

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